Jagger Dice

While waiting for the art for Let’s Eat Grandma and Jagger Arena, I decided to explore another game concept. Created a rapid prototype of Jagger Dice and gave it a run. Initial plays show that the concept is viable, and I’ve put it into pre-alpha status.

Next step is to work through through the cycle of refinement and more playtesting.


Let’s Eat Grandma! is on hold, waiting for art.

I have contracted with an artist for Jagger Arena. I like his style, and he is quite excited about doing cyberpunk-themed art. I’m working on re-writing the rulebook, and making some adjustments to the cards. I’m pleased with how this one is turning out.

I’m working on getting the Untitled Solo Dice game into pre-alpha. The rules are sketched out and I’m almost ready to print my in-house prototype. Originally, the game was going to be about protecting yourself from a jagger attacking your system. But I’m thinking of flipping that around. Instead, you will be a jagger fighting through ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures) while attacking a corporate network. This makes a more logical follow-up to Jagger Arena.


Quiet Time

There’s a bit of a lull in activity while waiting on a few things.

Currently waiting on some art for Let’s Eat Grandma! and Jagger Arena. During this time, I’ve been making some adjustments to Jagger Arena based on playtesting feedback. The next step is to get it into beta playtest.

I’ve also given some more thought to the jagger solo game. Got a lot of ideas I’m trying to pull together. I need to do some rapid prototyping on it to make sure the concept is viable.