In Development

These are games I am currently working on. Each game also lists the status (see the sidebar).

Some games will include playtest notes with extra information for playetesters. If you are playtesting one of my games, please submit feedback to help me improve the game.

Submit playtest feedback.

Let’s Eat Grandma!

Status: Prototype Beta

This is a game about what happens when a little girl forgets to use proper punctuation. A competitive set-collection game for 2-5 players. Players are trying to collect pieces of Grandma to put on their plates, while using Little Suzie cards to hinder the other players.

A simple family game. Nothing groundbreaking here, but the theme is fun.

Let’s Eat Grandma! is now available for public playtesting in a print-and-play format.

Download the print-and-play PDF.

Untitled Deckbuilder

Status: Pre-Alpha

A co-op deckbuilder set in the same world as Jagger Arena. Players are agents assigned with protecting corporate and government networks from jagger attacks. Using their software tools, agents attack malicious software entering the network. The goal is to last through the attack without the jagger stealing too much data.

I like deckbuilders and wanted to try something a little different. In most deckbuilders, the enemy cards just sit there and only react when a player interacts with it. In this game, the enemy cards actively interact with each other and the board to create a variable game state.

Holey Moley

Status: Pre-Alpha

Family/party game for 2-6 players. Card game. Play as a mole trying to build the best network of tunnels. Play hazards against other players to slow them down.

Rapid prototyping shows that this is a viable idea. It very well may transition from a card game to an area control board game. Players will place small tokens on the board representing their tunnels. The goal will be to control as much of the board as possible.

Board Game: The Board Game

Status: Concept

A worker-placement game about purchasing and playing board games. Earn money, buy games, expansions, and bling. Gather friends to play your games. The player with the biggest collection wins.

Jagger Dice

Status: Pre-Alpha

Set in the same universe as Jagger Arena. You play as a Jagger trying to break into a network. Use dice to power your FIRE and attack the defending ICE. Survive through a wave and earn money to purchase new programs for the next wave.

Untitled Farming Game

Status: Concept

You’ve been given a rundown piece land. Turn that land into a profitable farm. Grow crops, raise animals, gather resources, build structures. Worker-placement.

DelvenDeep: Adventure Card Game

Status: Pre-Apha

Deck construction co-op fantasy adventure game. Each hero gets a set of cards that represents their class. Go on quests and battle monsters to earn money to upgrade your deck.

I like the concept of this game. I’ve just been having a lot of trouble with the mechanics. I’ve already gone through a few rebuilds, but it hasn’t hit the sweet spot yet.

Untitled Tower Defense Game

Status: Concept

Build towers to defend against waves of enemies. Map tiles will allow for variable layouts.

Untitled Adventurer Shop Game

Status: Concept

Competitive merchant game. Players build and stock shops that sell equipment to adventurers. The adventurers move through the town buying the equipment, and then move into a dungeon to battle monsters. If an adventurer survives, they go back to town to upgrade their gear and enter the dungeon again.

Space Mining Game

Status: Concept

Players will control mining ships and attempt to mine resources from various locations around the solar system. Ships will be upgradeable and will contains spaces for various rooms that add different functions. Will be some form of worker placement mechanic.

Nothing Bad Ever Happens In An Abandoned House

Status: Concept

On a dare, a group of children enter an old, abandoned house. How long will it take them to succumb to their fears?

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