Jagger Arena

Welcome, jagger, to the Grid. The Grid is an isolated network specifically designed to test illicit hacking software. You will scan the Grid for data sources, which you will use to power your programs. Battle other jaggers to see who has the best programs. Win, and know that your software is good enough to take on corporate networks. Lose, and rebuild your software suite to try again.

Jagger Arena is a dueling card game for 2-4 players. Players are ‘jaggers’, criminal hackers that us AI programs to break into corporate networks. Jaggers come to the Grid to test their programs against each other; battling until only one jagger is left standing.

Before a match, you will chose a program set of 7 cards to use in the battle. The game comes with four pre-built program sets, but you can also mix the different programs to create your own custom set.

On your turn, you will reveal a face down card in the Grid of 25 cards. Your goal is to make a match of 3 or more of the same data source symbol. These data source matches are used to trigger attacks from your programs, or use a program’s special abilities. Certain cards can generate chains, allowing you to reveal multiple cards in a turn. And watch out for logic bombs! Logic bombs can reveal a large number of cards, giving you an opportunity to make multiple matches. Your program abilities can alter the Grid, and cause various effects that hinder your opponent’s programs.

Using program attacks and abilities, you will attempt to delete your opponent’s programs. If all your programs are deleted, you are eliminated from the match. The last player left is declared the winner.

Future expansion packs will include new program sets and abilities, allowing for more variety when creating custom program sets. The introduction of new logic bombs will cause more chaos in the Grid.


  • 62 Data Source cards
  • 28 Program cards (Alice, Boris, Cameron, and Logan program sets)
  • 9 Logic Bomb cards
  • 24 Damage tokens
  • 16 Strengthen/Weaken tokens
  • 16 Infect tokens
  • 6 Data Source tokens

Download the Jagger Arena Rulebook

Purchase Jagger Arena on The Game Crafter!

Purchase the Jagger Arena Delilah expansion on The Game Crafter!

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