Jagger Dice Update

Currently working on an overhaul of Jagger Dice. The mechanics work fine, but the difficulty needs to be increased. Originally, the game was meant to be about the player defending against a jagger attacking a network. It is being changed so that the player is now the jagger attacking the network. This is a more natural progression from Jagger Arena, and also gives me room to design a more difficult game.

I’m also smoothing out some of the more fiddly rules and mechanics.

Jagger Arena Is Almost Here!

The last test print run showed that some of the art needed some color adjustment. My artist has done the work and delivered the final art. I’ll be putting together the files soon and do one final test print to see how they come out.

If all goes well, then Jagger Arena will be ready to publish some time next month!


From out of nowhere, I had some ideas to improve DelvenDeep. I pulled it off the backburner and moved it to pre-alpha. It’s a large game, so the changes will take some time. Looking forward to getting the changes tested.

I’m glad to be working on this game again. It has a lot of things I like in a game (fantasy adventure, deck building, monster bashing, loot collecting).

Jagger Arena Prototypes Shipped

The Jagger Arena beta prototype copies are on their way to the playtesters, along with one copy for my artist.

I know my artist is going to want to make some adjustments. The blue on the data source cards needs to be a little brighter. The backs need to have the border removed, to hide any drift during printing.

Hoping to get some feedback soon from my playtesters.

Jagger Arena Prototype Beta Has Arrived

The beta prototype for Jagger Arena just arrived on my doorstep. There are a few adjustments that need to be made for the final version. The blue art needs to be a bit brighter, and the card backs need a full bleed image (instead of a bordered image).

Shipping these to my playtesters this weekend. Looking forward to getting their feedback.